Why Modern Marketers Must Embrace Marketing Automation

Marketing technology continues to evolve, with a new tool or platform debuting seemingly each week. While marketers seek to provide benefits or value for your digital transformation or marketing strategy, it can hard to pinpoint what you need — and how exactly to go about it, due to having so many options to choose from. […]

What Links to Target with Google’s Disavow Tool – Whiteboard Friday

Do you need to disavow links in the modern age of Google? Is it safe? If so, which links should you disavow? In this Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus Shepard answers all these questions and more. While he makes it clear that the majority of sites shouldn’t have to use Google’s Disavow Tool, he provides his personal […]

College Students: Here’s Your Cheat Sheet to Budgeting 101

As if writing papers and studying for exams weren’t enough, there’s one more thing college students should  add to their workloads: budgeting. A budget is the system that tracks what money comes in and what money goes out. It can keep you from getting in the red, spending more cash than you have available. And […]

7 Reasons Why Proposal Software Will Boost Your Sales

You’re probably well aware of how important business proposals are to getting clients and winning new business. If you’ve been writing a lot of them, you may have thought about investing in proposal software to make the process easier. However, is proposal software really all that great compared to writing the proposals yourself? It turns […]

This Free App Makes Saving Money Totally Mindless (and You Get $5 to Start)

Ahhh. The sweet, sweet relief of payday. You pay rent, take care of your utility bills and stock up on groceries — maybe even splurge on takeout. Now, it’s time to save. But wait… where’d your money disappear to? There’s no sugar-coating it: Saving money is difficult. Yet it’s what you need to build a […]

Why Being Generous is Critical to Your Business Success

The more you give, the more you get. April 25, 2019 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Often, we entrepreneurs are obsessed with accumulating material things — more traffic, more customers, more money. The most vocal and fiercest critics of capitalism, Karl Marx, shouldn’t be blamed. He was right when he […]

Get Rid of These 25 Phrases and Words From Your Content

Editor’s note: Useless words abound in text. That’s why Julia updated this article originally published in 2017, adding more words that you should avoid.  In online writing land, clarity is your best friend. The clearest prose is the type anyone can understand, learn from, and enjoy. Stuffing your sentences and paragraphs with filler and fluff […]

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