This Successful Business Partnership Started With a Simple LinkedIn Message

Terry Lin and Jiake Liu, co-founders of Outer, share the story of their outdoor furniture company. August 31, 2019 1 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Outer Co-founders Terry Lin and Jiake Liu talk about how their partnership was formed after a cold message on LinkedIn. They break down how their individual backgrounds […]

2 Programs for Homebuyers With Good Credit (but Not Much Cash)

Dreaming of becoming a homeowner?  While it may be fun to fantasize about what color you’ll paint the living room and which shower curtain will adorn the guest bath, there’s one important consideration to take care of first.  How are you going to finance it? Many mortgages require a sizable down payment — historically up […]

Need to Generate a Business Name? Here’s How to Get it Right.

Three tips for crafting the perfect moniker for your business. August 30, 2019 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You have a great idea for a company. You’ve nailed your business plan. Now comes the hard part. What do you call it? There are several ways to do it. You can hire […]

Instagram Stories for Business: How to Create Engaging Stories

Social Media Marketing Industry Report In our 11th annual social media study (46 pages, 60+ charts) of 4800+ marketers, you’ll discover which social networks marketers most plan on using, organic social activities, paid social media plans, and much more! Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner. Instagram Stories […]

The Weekly Wrap: Your Content Team Doesn’t Need Superstars. It Needs This.

Listen to the Weekly Wrap here or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. If you enjoy the show, please take a moment to rate it or post a review. And that’s a wrap of the week ending Aug. 30, 2019 This week I’m thinking about who’s the most important person on your team … whether Allstate’s new content internal team […]

The Quest for the Data-Driven Email: How Your Team Can Come Together on a Digital Marketing …

Creating an effective and engaging email that will garner the results you want, such as higher open and click-through rates, might require the whole marketing team to come together. You might need your marketing director to help shape the vision for your campaign and drive the team forward. The content manager might work on where […]

Refurbishing Top Content – Best of Whiteboard Friday

You’ve got top-performing content on your site that does really well. Maybe it’s highly converting, maybe it garners the most qualified traffic — but it’s just sitting there gathering dust. Isn’t there something else you can do with content that’s clearly proven its worth? As it turns out, there is! In this ever-popular episode of Whiteboard […]

Family Tragedy Helped This Entrepreneurial Couple Create a Business and Improve Lives

Here’s how chronic leg issues led to a redesigned crutch. August 29, 2019 1 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In 2008, Max Younger’s dad, Dan, lost his leg to a staph infection after a lifetime of being on and off crutches due to multiple knee surgeries. Max’s desire to make his […]