Some Credit Card Companies are Dropping Credit Limits. See If This Affects You

For many, this year has wreaked havoc on our finances, and we continue to face new consequences of the pandemic each day. One of the latest offshoots we’ve heard about is credit card companies decreasing consumers’ credit limits. Why? As more and more Americans lose jobs, they’re worried customers will begin defaulting on their debt. […]

23 Tips to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing Budget

Challenging times can mean challenging budgets. In CMI’s recent B2B research, 69% of respondents expected budgets to stay the same or decrease through the end of 2020. No matter what happens with content marketing budgets, one thing looks certain: Organizations will scrutinize every dollar spent in 2021. No matter what happens with #ContentMarketing budgets, one […]

5 Fun Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home — and Enjoy

Many customer service and call center jobs are tailor-fit for this moment: As work-from-home options, they are popular and plentiful. The field as a whole has been in high demand throughout the pandemic. But the phrase “call-center” might be a turn off for some job seekers — even for a gig you do from your […]

5 Strategies That Work for Remote Onboarding (In or Out of Lockdown)

October 7, 2020 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates threw a few curveballs at small business owners. Companies were challenged not only to be nimble and innovative enough to keep the lights on during the crisis, but also to prepare for when the economy reopens. Smart […]

Why Removing Outdated Content Could Save Your Site

Deleting outdated content on your website can’t be good for its health, right? Don’t be so sure. Google cares just as much about the quality of the content you created years ago as it does about that new article you’re about to publish. Seriously. Reviving old content can boost rankings.   So can removing outdated content. […]

How to Be a Better You

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Marketing Podcast with Brant Menswar In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Brant Menswar, one of the country’s top motivational speakers, a critically acclaimed author, award-winning musician, podcast host, and the CEO and founder of Rock Star Impact, a boutique agency that teaches people and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Features: Stories, Feed, IGTV, Reels

Clearly, users don’t have trouble getting started with Instagram given its growth in numbers with over 1 billion active users. That part is easy. But things are more complicated on the platform for content marketers. To reduce its complexity and make it easier to use Instagram for your content marketing, I’m breaking it down by […]

Google Analytics Goals: How to Analyze Customer Journey Goals

Google Analytics Goals: How to Analyze Customer Journey Goals : Social Media Examiner Worth Exploring: Social Media Marketing Industry Report In our 12th annual social media study (46 pages, 60+ charts) of 5,200+ marketers, you’ll discover which social networks marketers most plan on using, organic social activities, paid social media plans, and much more! Get […]

Diversity and Inclusion in SEO: BIPOC and LGBTQ+ SEOs Share Their Experiences

People around the world are having important discussions about systemic racism, overt and covert bias, and how we can all do better. Understanding the problem is the first step. To get a sense of conditions within the SEO community, we asked people to take our Diversity and Inclusion in SEO survey as part of our […]