How to Develop a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy in 4 Easy Steps

According to Smart Insights, 45 percent of companies don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy; 17 percent of companies have a digital marketing strategy in place, but it’s separate from their marketing plan.  This means 62 percent of companies are unprepared.  They don’t have the strategy, tactics, or tools they need to market their […]

Is Getting “Google Guaranteed” Worth It?

Google has rolled out a new consumer protection feature called Google Guaranteed. Businesses advertising through Local Services Ads can apply for a Google Guaranteed qualification, offering extra reassurance to customers. Google Guaranteed could be a powerful lead generation tool to help you stand out from your competitors. The program helps showcase home service providers who have been […]

5 Critical On-Page SEO Factors That Impact Your Ranking

Having high visibility in a search engine’s organic results is critical to your business’ online success.  People use search engines to find solutions to their problems. And if your product or service isn’t visibly ranking in search as a solution to their problem, that’s a massive missed opportunity for your business. So what can you […]

Audience Research Led to Tattoo-Worthy Content Marketing

How do you make amazing content campaigns? The answer is deceptively simple: Start with your target audience. More specifically, start with a deep understanding and awareness of your target audience — i.e., customer research. Unfortunately, not everyone does this. It turns out, if you’re doing customer research, you’re in the top 35% of marketers. A […]

Why Small Businesses Are The Pawns of This Election Cycle

Some guidelines for navigating through the red, blue, or purple uncertainty. October 28, 2020 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This year is fueling a lot of uncertainty among small business owners. While business owners deal with the same movie, different characters every election cycle, 2020 has put small businesses in […]