Google Analytics 4: What Marketers Need to Know

Google Analytics 4: What Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner Worth Exploring: Social Media Marketing Industry Report In our 12th annual social media study (46 pages, 60+ charts) of 5,200+ marketers, you’ll discover which social networks marketers most plan on using, organic social activities, paid social media plans, and much more! Get this […]

How to Get Backlinks in 2021 [Series Part 2: Prospecting] — Whiteboard Friday

As we head into 2021, the work of reclaiming lost links and building new ones remains crucial. In this week’s brand new episode of Whiteboard Friday, SEO expert Britney Muller is back with the second installment in her link building series, this time walking us through some tips and tricks for an important part of your link building […]

Last minute: The Senate generally approves the recreational use of marijuana in Mexico

If this ruling passes in the Chamber of Deputies, as of December 15, Mexicans will be able to load up to 28 grams of the plant. Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox Stay informed and join our daily newsletter now! November 20, 2020 2 min read This article was translated from our Spanish edition using […]

Looking for Jobs for Disabled People at Home? Try These Ideas

Working from home is a convenience for many of us. For people with disabilities, the ability to work remotely can be essential. About 7% of the total population of people with disabilities telecommutes some or all of the time, estimates suggest. But it can be a challenge to find exclusively work-from-home jobs whether you’re a […]

3 Key Reasons to Use Augmented Intelligence Tools in Digital Marketing

Do terms like “AI” and “machine learning” make you think of robots and science fiction? These technologies are being used everywhere, and the age of AI is already in full swing. AI and technology offer a solution to inefficiency. Deloitte has shown that 83 percent of early adopters of AI and cognitive technologies achieved either “moderate” or “substantial” benefits. […]

Lackluster Blog? How This Tech Company Turned Theirs Into a Lead-Generation Engine

What do you call a blog with 70,000 monthly visitors that accounts for 50 product trials a month? A lot of wasted potential. Although our Usersnap blog covered topics connected to our product, readers didn’t want to try the product. We were not alone. Blogs across industries and verticals are getting fewer leads despite the […]

Elevator Pitch Ep. 6: ‘Is Ryan Reynolds One of Our Co-Founders?’

Will anyone earn an investment for their business on this episode of our weekly pitch show? Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox Stay informed and join our daily newsletter now! November 18, 2020 2 min read Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch invites ambitious entrepreneurs to step into the Entrepreneur Elevator, and then gives them just 60 seconds […]