The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Job Descriptions and Titles

Salespeople are the greatest engine one needs to take their business to the next level. They’re optimistic, resilient, driven, and thrive when given challenges. Without them, businesses would go broke, and all those amazing people who design, build, manage, and services just wouldn’t have jobs. It is easy to see why companies are always looking […]

6 Things We Don’t Buy Anymore (and 1 Thing We’re Buying More of)

Everything has changed over the past year, and we’ve changed, too. We’ve learned some hard lessons. We’ve adopted some new habits and dropped some old ones — especially when it comes to our spending. There are things we simply don’t buy anymore. We just don’t see the point — we’ve officially parted ways with these […]

7 Steps to Build a Successful Long-Term Content Model

Over the past year, I’ve looked at hundreds of successful audience-building organizations. The good news? There is a pattern for content marketing success. It can be documented. The bad news? It takes time. And … it all depends on your definition of content marketing. If you think content marketing is creating e-books for lead generation […]

Dear Penny: Will Social Security Tell Me When My Ex-Husband Dies?

Dear Penny, My now-ex-husband is 13-plus years older than I am, and he earned more money over the course of his career than I did. We were married for more than 10 years, and I have not remarried.    I have consulted a couple of Social Security planners. Because my Social Security benefits are greater than […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Compensation Plans

You can’t have a company without sales. It’s why businesses with top sales talent thrive. But what can you do to motivate your new sales reps, the very people who bring you business, customers, and profit? Having an effective and competitive compensation plan is key for retaining top sales talent. Your employees feel valued, making […]