Find ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks for September with this Screener

September 1, 2021 5 min read This story originally appeared on Zacks Despite the slight pullback on the last day of August, all three major U.S. indexes posted monthly gains. The Dow climbed 1.2%, while the Nasdaq jumped roughly 4%, and the S&P 500 popped nearly 3%. The benchmark index posted its seventh straight monthly […]

Chapter Searches Every Medicare Option Nationwide to Find the Right Coverage for You

You’ve thought about retirement for years. But now that it’s approaching, you still have a lot of questions. A lot of them hinge on healthcare — and the prospect of having to part with an employer plan. And for those already on Medicare, too many wonder if they’re getting the best deal out of the […]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

SEO can be a brilliant strategy to increase your website traffic but it isn’t always enough.  Imagine you rely on SEO for all your traffic. What happens when the Google algorithm changes? You risk losing potential customers!  That’s why diversifying your methods of increasing web traffic can offer better results. If you have multiple traffic […]

How To Get Content Marketing Measurement Wrong: Do It Like a PR Person

Updated Aug. 31, 2021 If you want to be taken seriously as a content marketer, stop acting like a member of the PR team. If you want to show that content marketing is a distinct contributor to business results, stop using only PR metrics. Every time you use PR-centered metrics to show the “value” of […]

9.5 Ways Google Rewrites Your Title Tags

You’ve spent months crafting the “perfect” brand message, focus-grouping it to core demographics and psychographics, and lovingly/hatingly crafting hundreds of page titles. You wake up, grab your coffee, and fire up Google to admire your handiwork, only to see this: For reference, here’s the original <title> tag: You may be feeling confused and more than […]

Tired of Your Big Bank? Consider These 4 Alternatives

August 30, 2021 6 min read This story originally appeared on NerdWallet Checking account fees, minimal savings rates, impersonal customer support. The reasons you might choose to leave a big national bank vary, but where you go next might be a harder decision. Many of the biggest U.S. banks share many of the same benefits, […]