Do You Qualify for Any of October’s Class-Action Settlements?

The deadlines to file claims in a number of class action lawsuit settlements are coming up in October. The cases involve brands such as Windex, Neuriva, Guinness, and Uber. Read on to find out if you qualify to claim some cash. Cases are listed in order of deadlines to file, with the earliest dates being […]

Tapping Into The Power of SMS Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Aaron Weiche In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Aaron Weiche. Aaron is the CEO and Co-founder of Leadferno, a business and text messaging platform to close more leads faster. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years founding and growing both digital marketing agencies and […]

Survey: More Than Half of Workers Would Rather Quit Than Go Back to Office

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In less than two years since the COVID pandemic began, remote work has gone from something exotic to normal reality. As a result, many companies have found that their employees are reluctant to return to their offices. A recent study by FlexJobs reveals that only 2% of […]

How’d You Make That Flipping Awesome B2B Content for Salesforce?

In March 2020, the world changed seemingly overnight. In March 2020, Salesforce responded to the new reality of business seemingly overnight, launching its Leading Through Change content initiative on March 17. That’s not a typo. The first blog of the program launched March 17, days before California issued shelter-in-place orders and airports effectively shut down. […]

The Beginner’s Guide to The Cost of Starting an LLC

Limited liability corporations, usually called LLCs, are an attractive option for business owners. This is mostly because they protect the business owner from personal liability for the business.  Historically LLCs have been an attractive financial option for established Baby Boomers who have personal assets they want to protect. In more recent years, Gen X and […]

3 Things to Know About Robinhood and Zero-Commission Stockbrokers

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When Robinhood started off by pioneering commission-free trading in 2013, it looked like a joke to established stockbrokers. Now, zero-commission stock trading has gone mainstream and many more investor-centric innovations are underway.  While the rave about trading stocks for absolutely free remains, you should know these three […]

7 ‘Secrets’ of Award-Winning B2B and B2C Content Marketing Programs

Ever look at an organization’s content and think, “How do they do it?” Same here. So we asked a group of admired content leaders – 2021 Content Marketer of the Year finalists – for a peek behind the curtain of what makes their award-winning projects work. (Each nominee this year worked on a winning entry […]

How to Start a Pest Control Business

Considering the pest control business is currently valued at a staggering $16.9 billion, starting a pest control business certainly has the potential to ensure a healthy income.  But like any other business, you have to consider several factors to put your company on the fast track to success. Below, I’ll give you a step-by-step rundown—right […]