Punch Up Your Writing With These 4 Power-Packed Tips

Put some verbs in your sentences. Dr. Phil dispenses that advice to his talk show guests to goad them into creating a plan to resolve whatever problems they’re experiencing. My advice for your (content) problems? Pack powerful and motivating verbs into every sentence. Stop using weak, extraneous, boring verbs. That counsel bubbles up from my […]

Amazon wants to help Mexican SMEs through this event

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The ecommerce company, Amazon, extended an invitation to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Mexico to its Amazon Impulsa event, through which it seeks to explain and inform entrepreneurs who are interested in selling on its platform how to […]

How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

You can start a window cleaning business rather affordably. In many cases, the largest expenses you’ll face consist of your website development, logo design, and business document creation.  But if you have the right tools and can complete some or all of these tasks yourself, you can keep your startup costs minimal.  Once you have […]

Know the Realities of Day Trading Before You Start

Is there anything more appealing than making a quick buck through a smart stock pick? If you’ve had several great trades you might be thinking about quitting your job to become an independent day trader — maybe even working part-time from home in shorts and T-shirt. Day trading is exciting, and the rewards can appear […]

Cutting Through The Noise With Relationship-Driven Outreach

Agency Spark Podcast with Dan Englander The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode is designed to spark ideas you can put into practice for your agency today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here! In […]

The Experience This! Show – The Ultimate Marketing Engine

This episode of the Experience This! Show feature 3 new, incredible books that launched on the very same day. You’ll learn about how to get your customers to “come back” again and again, how D.A.D. can help you stand out in a crowd, and how to grow your business by growing your client’s business. 1. I’ll […]

3 Effective Retargeting Strategies That Actually Work (With Examples)

Retargeting is one of the best ways to close sales that didn’t happen. On top of that, retargeting efforts are pretty cheap compared to most types of advertising. How do you do it? What retargeting efforts do you need to try? Here are three examples of retargeting that actually work, how to copy them, and what […]