How Small Businesses Can Meet and Exceed the Expectations of a Hybrid, Multi-Generational Workforce

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Today’s workforce is a business’s most valuable asset. As employee retention becomes more fleeting, team fulfillment, stability and morale have never been more important. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings increased to a record high of 10.1 million in June 2021; similarly, the […]

5 Social Security Changes You Need to Know for 2022

Each new year brings changes to Social Security. Even if you’re decades away from retirement, it’s important to keep tabs on what’s happening. After all, Social Security gets a chunk of each paycheck during your working years. And without Social Security, about 40% of Americans 65 and older would have incomes below the poverty level. […]

Why You Might Not Need a Unified Content Development Process (Yet) [Rose-Colored Glasses]

The pandemic made organizations care (finally) about building a strategic content development function. As a result, I see more and more content marketing leaders face the challenge of solving how content flows through the business. It all comes down to organizations finally learning what it means to act like a media company. It won’t be […]

Franchise 500: Our Definitive Ranking of 2022’s Strongest Franchises

Is franchising entrepreneurship? That may sound like a dumb question, particularly inside a magazine called Entrepreneur that is publishing the 43rd edition of the world’s biggest and most authoritative franchising ranking. And yet, as many people in this industry will attest, the question persists. Sure, critics say, franchising is business ownership — but entrepreneurship requires […]

Here’s What to Include in a Winter Emergency Car Kit

Living in a region with blisteringly cold winters tends to make you somewhat of an expert on winter driving. But skilled winter driving means more than just knowing what to do if you slide on ice or how to properly clear your windshield. It means staying on top of important vehicle maintenance, like checking exterior […]

Why Every Leader Could Benefit From Adopting a Gen Z Mindset

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Amidst all its uncertainties, 2021 was the year that filled me with hope. From wildfires and extreme floods to pandemic waves and political unrest, there was no shortage of tragedy, but the world also adapted to challenges like never before. We rallied behind movements to diversify boards […]

How to Make the Transition to Remote Work

One of the most significant workplace changes that came from the pandemic has been the economy-spanning shift to remote work away from the traditional office environment. Many companies that never offered it now have a remote work option. Some companies that were thinking about going partially remote pulled the trigger and have moved their workforce […]