Markets Bid Up from Session Lows; ZM, HPQ Beat Earnings

This story originally appeared on Zacks Market indexes raced northward in the final minutes of regular trading today, with mixed results on either side of within 1%. The Dow, which had been -589 points at its intraday low, came in -179 points or -0.53%. Big banks with Russian exposure — Goldman Sachs GS and JPMorgan […]

Want to Be an Executive Assistant? Here’s How.

Executive assistants have some of the highest job satisfaction rates around. They report high satisfaction when it comes to flexibility and are the second-highest paying job you can get without a degree. They provide high-level administrative support and are a supportive force in a company, as they keep senior leadership highly organized. Think becoming an […]

How To Survive And Profit From Radical Change

Marketing Podcast with Jonathan Brill In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jonathan Brill. Jonathan is a speaker and advisor managing director of Resilient Growth Partners and a board member at Frost & Sullivan. He’s also the author of Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change. […]

How to Make Your Content Marketing and SEO Strategies Work Together

You already recognize the value of using content to attract new prospects and retain loyal customers. And, like most of us, you’ve probably built your content strategy on the guiding principles of search engine optimization (SEO). But, in today’s hyper-competitive content marketing environment, perfecting your content purely from an SEO standpoint is no longer enough […]

How to Engage and Inspire Your A-Plus Talent

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. High-performing employees typically work harder — and often better — than their co-workers, so they can rightfully expect that their employers will show appreciation by offering them stimulating work, recognition, exciting career paths and the opportunity to prosper. Throughout my 20-plus year career as a dietary supplement […]

Best Reputation Management Software

Want to jump straight to the answer? For the majority of companies, Brand24 will provide the most helpful features for improving customer experiences and for boosting the company’s online reputation. A good reputation has always been a key component of success for a business or organization.  A couple of generations ago, word of mouth was […]

Best Collection Agency Services

Businesses should be focused on serving their clients, not on tracking them down for missed payments. Collection agency services solve this problem by recovering your money and strengthening your cash flow. Agencies do this by identifying your debtors and reaching out to them in a targeted way. If you’re wondering which collection agency could be […]

Best EDI Software

Collaborating businesses need a way to exchange electronic business documents securely and automatically. Electronic data interchange (EDI) software solves this problem by allowing partners to digitally exchange documents like invoices, purchase orders, and receipts.  In addition to electronic document exchange, EDI software can help businesses save time and costs, reduce errors, connect with new partners, […]