Why Storytelling Is Dead And How To Build A Strategic Narrative Instead

About the show: The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of short-form interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here! About this episode: In this […]

Your Content Mission in 2022: Get Ambitious and Embrace New Responsibilities

We spend a lot of time at CMI thinking about the purpose of content in business. It sounds funny. The purpose of content in business? When we start work with a company on putting a functional plan around their content, a senior leader in the business (usually somebody in finance or operations) often says, “Isn’t […]

YouGov America Pays People to Share Their Opinions on Hot Topics

Are your friends and family tired of hearing your opinions on everything under the sun? It would be nice to have an outlet for your thoughts on today’s most important topics — like TikTok, internet privacy and the hottest of topics: politics. (Seriously, Uncle Mike, can we ever have a peaceful family dinner?) A website […]

New ‘Going Public’ Episode: “Let It Snow!”

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. On this week’s episode of Going Public, there is a lot going on and it is happening fast! Tapping into his incredible sales experience, Josh Snow, a digital marketing prodigy and founder of the nine-figure oral care brand Snow Teeth Whitening, challenges our issuing companies with that important question, “What are you […]

StoneCo Ltd. (STNE) Dips More Than Broader Markets: What You Should Know

This story originally appeared on Zacks In the latest trading session, StoneCo Ltd. (STNE) closed at $12.45, marking a -1.81% move from the previous day. This change lagged the S&P 500’s 0.38% loss on the day. Meanwhile, the Dow lost 0.5%, and the Nasdaq, a tech-heavy index, lost 0.05%. – Zacks Coming into today, shares […]

What Hurts Your Credit Score? These 10 Financial Setbacks Won’t

You’ve paid your bills on time. You’ve avoided massive debt, or maybe you’ve paid it down. Now you have a healthy credit score to show for it. But tough times can happen, no matter how responsible you are. So if you’ve hit a financial rough patch, you’re probably wondering what that means for that score […]

5 Ideas To Future-Proof Your Content Marketing Career in an AI Age

AI-powered writing tools can simulate human thought in a way that’s both awe-inspiring and a little scary. However, they have a way to go before they can fully replicate human thought patterns. That buys you time to prepare. My colleague Matt Bentley predicts that it will be hard to distinguish AI-generated content from human-written content […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Know for the Decade

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The past two years have shown a major increase in the amount of money allocated to digital marketing and communications, which has created challenges for senior-level marketers who have not been able to keep up with the changing times. The speed at which new techniques in digital […]

Dear Penny: Should I Pay My Boyfriend’s Bills if I Only Visit on Weekends?

Dear Penny, My boyfriend of almost two years has recently asked me to start paying the electric and water bills at his place. I live about an hour’s drive from him, so I really only spend the weekends with him. I’ve washed my clothes there three times max in the almost two years, and I […]

The Best Leadership Skill You Can Develop Right Now

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In trying to help solve a problem that was causing some conflict among my teammates many years ago, I approached my manager with a suggestion. He immediately became irate and told me in response to my suggestion, “I would like to stay home in my pajamas all […]