The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer and How They are Changing the Way We Shop [Webinar on May 5th)

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. As people return to physical shopping post-pandemic, a new behavior has emerged: hybrid shopping. Put simply, hybrid shopping is a blend of physical and digital shopping. Given this trend, it’s important to create […]

Marketing Funnel Stages: How To Get More Leads and Sales at Each One

Do you know what your marketing funnel looks like? If not, you’re likely losing out on leads and sales. According to data from Salesforce, 68 percent of companies have not even identified their marketing funnel. Those that do stand to seeresults, though. For example, according to Semrush, 72 percent of marketers who create “how-to” guides […]

What Marketers Get Wrong About Content’s Role in the New Buyer’s Journey

Many people talk (and write) about how the B2B marketing process has changed. But they overlook how the entire buying process has changed. Volumes of research and points of view articles explore how digital marketing needs to change to meet the needs of the modern B2B buyer. Heck, I’ve written plenty of them. But it’s […]

How Reading The Fine Print and Terms of Service Can Save Money

As consumers, we often ignore reading the terms and conditions. From booking airline tickets, taking out insurance, or even a simple purchase from your favorite clothing store; reading the fine print is not something we tend to spend a lot of time on. Due – Due Yet, we live in this hyper-digital world, where all […]

Dear Penny: My Live-in Partner Owns a Home. Does He Owe Me Half for Bills?

Dear Penny, My partner and I have been together for 15 years, but not really living together. We both own our own homes, mortgage-free. Our financial situation is similar in terms of net worth.  Because of my partner’s health issues, at the outset of COVID we decided to have him move in with me, as […]