Summer Lull? Make It a Productive Time To Improve Your Content Marketing

The lazy days of summer are the perfect time to clear the haze from your content marketing program. Sources and approvers take vacations, which can throw off your program’s pace. Instead of letting that frustrate you, why not use the downtime – and extra resources, if you’re fortunate enough to have summer interns – productively? […]

How to Get Into a Productive Summer Routine Using Your Online Calendar

We are in the full swing of summer — and everyone seems to have a summer vacation mindset. The kids are off from school, the days are longer, calling for more outdoor time, BBQs present themselves as a must, and prolonged happy hours can’t be missed. When did we allow ourselves to get so busy? […]

The Complete Guide to Conference Calling on Android

Conference calls are a staple for any team, more so for remote workforces. It’s quick, convenient, and much more cost-effective than in-person meetings. You can use an Android device to make conference calls, though there are some limitations. You can download a reliable conference call service to host larger calls, video conferences, webinars, and more. […]

Need Content Freelancers? Try This Agency’s Accidental (But Successful!) Model

A few years ago, after a company layoff, I tried a career as a freelancer. Since my new path wasn’t completely by design, I called myself The Accidental Freelancer. In the early days, most of the work was writing, and I had regular and one-off gigs. Since then, I established a marketing agency (Attention Retention […]

Dear Penny: Should I Take Out Life Insurance on My 47-Year-Old Mom?

Dear Penny, My mother is 47 and has been increasingly paranoid about her death. She’s not sickly or in bad shape. She’s been getting better about managing her sudden diagnosis of diabetes.  I think she’s doing well for her age. She works a full-time job and has little to no complaints. Personally, I think she’s […]

5 Simple Ways to Do More for Your Employees’ Mental Health This Week

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It is estimated that roughly one in five adults in the United States lives with mental illness. This includes a wide range of disorders that can have a mild or severe impact on an individual’s daily living. Like it or not, stressors in the workplace can sometimes […]

Scaling Up Your Freelancing Career to a Small Business

The gig economy has become a powerhouse of employment for nearly 59 million Americans, according to a 2021 Freelance Forward report published by the work platform Upwork. In the same breath, it’s now become more apparent than ever that working from home and freelancing is more than a side-hustle for some workers as they’re able […]