What The Greatest Showman Taught Me About Selling Effectively

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. For many startups, sales is the last thing they want to focus on. They are so focused on getting their product out there that they forget about the importance of sales. This article will provide you with some basic sales lessons for startups and entrepreneurs. Sales is […]

Dear Penny: Do My Kids Get My Life Insurance if I Didn’t Disclose Terminal Illness?

Dear Penny, I have a life insurance policy worth $1.5 million with my two kids as beneficiaries. I have a degenerative disease called Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type One, which was diagnosed one year before I bought the policy. It’s a rare condition that is not well-known.  The disease will have me bedridden at the end of […]

Face-to-Face Meetings are Important for SO Many Reasons

You may ask whether face-to-face or in-person meetings are still vital in today’s digital era of communication. Yes, they are; let’s see why. Calendar – Calendar Despite technological advancements, many firms still prefer face-to-face meetings because they allow for more effective communication, the development of solid connections, and increased participation. Learning how to hold an […]

7 Ways to Lower Your Car Payment: Refinance, Trade in, Pay Extra

$47,148. That’s the average price for a new car right now, according to Kelley Blue Book. That’s the second highest price on record — only matched by the average in December 2021. Car payments are following the same trend, with the average monthly payment coming in at an all-time high of $730, according to Cox […]

Why Community Is the Most Critical Aspect of the NFT Space

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Oh, the days of watching the convex monitor refresh downwards as your modem finally made that lingering tone, letting you know the connection to a bulletin board system (“BBS”) was successful. Though mostly asynchronous, these communal BBS portals were the first online communities that evolved into the […]

What Do You Do When Inspiration for Your Content Marketing Wanes? [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Are you inspired? I was struck by a long article I read last weekend. In it, a content marketer lamented the state of content marketing and thought leadership. His primary complaint? The increasing uselessness of content platforms like Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even trade publications. The author pointed to algorithmically driven content marketing as the […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth It? Here’s How to Decide

Quick Navigation Travel planning is complicated. Between finding flight or train routes, arranging accommodations, locating someone to watch your pets and water your plants and the 10,000 other details that go into traveling, it’s a wonder anyone goes anywhere at all. And considering the frequent threat of canceled flights and lost luggage, your trip might […]

The Key Benefits of Building an Online Community

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In today’s era of transparency across the web, consumers are gaining more access to the facts and opinions of businesses. From social media channels to the ecommerce realm, there is a plethora of information to digest — and consumers make informed decisions based on this data. The […]