How to Conduct a Social Media Audit in Just 30 Minutes

The number of worldwide social media users will surpass 3 billion by 2021. That’s more than a third of the Earth’s population! That creates an incredible opportunity to reach online users, and you shouldn’t pass it up. However, not every platform works the same for every business. That’s why it’s important to review what’s working […]

3 Hot Takes: LEGO and JPMorgan Chase Sizzle, Doritos Fizzles

This week, Lego customer service avoids the dark side. JP Morgan Chase scarfs down restaurant content. And Doritos tweets surprisingly bland content during the MTV Video Music Awards. Read our take on these content examples, then add your verdict in the comments. Lego finds its Obi-Wan A customer reached out to Lego because he only […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Business Ideas

20% of US adults, around 46 million people, say they would make a purchase with cryptocurrency.  While many ideas for crypto businesses center on creating, exchanging, or brokering different digital currencies, it’s possible to build a crypto business in any niche. Household names like QuickBooks, Shopify, Visa, and MasterCard are making it easy for shoppers […]

18 Ways to Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Many times, marketers focus their SEO efforts entirely on discoverability. They want to tick that careful balance between keyword optimized and “keyword stuffed,” but here’s a secret: being on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) won’t do you any good if searchers aren’t interested in your content. Instead of focusing all your […]

The Less Is Almost Always More Content Strategy

Marketing Podcast with Kate Cooper In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Kate Cooper. Kate is the content strategist at Homeward, a new kind of home finance company. She is a plain language advocate who believes in a less-is-almost-always more approach to content. She started writing for a living in college […]

Why These Post-Pandemic Content Marketing Tips Are the Worst

Only a few weeks into the pandemic, I wrote 7 Steps to Create a Helpful Interim Content Marketing Strategy. Tired of reading about COVID-19 everywhere, I purposely focused the article on any significant disruption to a brand’s content marketing. I know, I know. My naivete seems laughable 18 months later. I no longer think of […]

How to Start an LLC in Wyoming

Wyoming offers tons of benefits and has business-friendly laws to attract budding entrepreneurs, especially those wanting to reduce their tax liability. The procedure to start an LLC in Wyoming doesn’t deviate much from the standard process used in the other states. But there are a few considerations you must keep in mind. This Quick Sprout […]