Global Trends in Marketing Localization for 2023 [Sponsored]

Provided by Unbabel Global marketers are being swept by an endless tsunami of content shared across more channels than ever: website copy, product listings, e-books, paid promotions, white papers, videos, and more. The pressure to deliver on-brand content at speed and scale has never been higher. On top of meeting this increased demand, international brands face the […]

How to Grow A Team of Influencers (And Why You Need Them)

Curious what an influencer is? Let’s start with a definition.  An influencer is someone with the power to affect (or influence) buying decisions due to their authority or public position.  Influencers are also content creators, publishing regular reviews, videos, and blog posts to engage their audience and encourage sales. Many influencers are minor celebs, but […]


CRM (customer relationship management) and CMS (content management systems) are two crucial software tools for managing businesses in the modern era. While the two terms are often confused with each other due to similar acronyms, they’re actually very different and serve two completely different purposes.  Once you understand the benefits and advantages of CRM and […]

ServiceNow Alternatives and Competitors

Our favorite ServiceNow alternative is Heroic KB because it is a robust knowledge base theme for WordPress websites. Try Heroic KB risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. ServiceNow is a unique knowledge-based software on the market. Despite being branded as a workflow management tool, it’s packed with sufficient knowledge management features to provide customers and […]

Why Internal Customers Will Kill Your Content Strategy [Rose-Colored Glasses]

I see one mistake derailing great content marketing strategy again and again in my consulting practice. Businesses set up their content teams as internal agencies to serve internal ‘customers’ in other departments. Why is that a problem? Sometimes this approach incorporates some priority planning. Usually, this planning involves internal “stakeholders” who decide the significant themes […]

GoDaddy Alternatives and Competitors

Our recommendation for most people is Hostinger because it’s an affordable, fast, and reliable web hosting provider. Sign up with Hostinger for as low as $1.99 per month. With low prices, good speeds, and plenty of user-friendly features, GoDaddy has made a name for itself as one of the biggest all-in-one hosting providers out there. […]

Your Facebook Ads are Not Performing? Here’s Why

Looking for a diverse online ad platform that will put your marketing campaigns in front of tons of people? Facebook Ads is the way to go. With an almost endless amount of detailed targeting options and features, you can reach virtually any Facebook user with an ad. Combine those targeting options with the functionality of […]

Salesforce Alternatives and Competitors

Our selection for the best Salesforce alternative is HubSpot, as it can successfully fulfill a variety of needs related to CRM (customer relationship management), all at a great price. Click here to try HubSpot for free. Salesforce is a highly popular CRM package, as more than 150,000 businesses rely on it. The Salesforce suite has […]

Speed Up Your Business Growth Through Experimentation

Marketing Podcast with Andrew Warden In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Andrew Warden. Andrew is the CMO of SEMRush – an online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by millions of marketers worldwide including this one. Key Takeaway: A crucial component of growth is experimentation. Experimentation is the […]