Brax Review

Brax is designed for performance-focused businesses and agencies who want to create, manage, and scale their native ads from one centralized dashboard.  It unifies paid content distribution across platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, Content.ad, and more, with bulk ad creation, unified reporting, and custom optimization rules.  Brax can also help you to maximize your […]

Delivering Happiness At Work And Beyond

Marketing Podcast with Jenn Lim In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jen Limm. Jen is the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (the late CEO of Zappos.com) co-founded to create happier company cultures for a more profitable and sustainable approach to business. She’s also the author […]

The Unstoppable CEO – The Ultimate Marketing Engine

Any business can grow and scale in good times. Can your business thrive and survive through tough times? Modern marketing isn’t about tactics anymore, it’s about transformation over transaction. Learn how to create happier customers by helping them transform, and then watch as those customers drive your referral engine to new heights. In this episode […]

How to Start a Web Design Business

Starting a web design business can be an excellent opportunity for any entrepreneur–even ones that aren’t particularly tech-savvy or artistic.  Businesses of all sizes in every industry need a website, but not all of them have the skills or resources to design a site on their own—that’s where you come in. You can easily start […]

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an ever-evolving, user-generated encyclopedia that allows users to add content, including pages, articles, and general knowledge. Topics span from pinball to Prometheus and everything in between.  If you’re interested in creating a Wikipedia page for your business or marketing endeavors, you should know upfront that getting a page added to the encyclopedia is […]

Conversations About Collaboration Podcast – The Ultimate Marketing Engine

I sat down with Phil Simon, host of the Conversations About Collaboration podcast, to talk about concepts from my new book, The Ultimate Marketing Engine: 5 Steps to Ridiculously Consistent Growth. In this episode, we discussed the collaborative nature of marketing, Monday.com, customer journeys, automation, and referrals. Listen to the Conversations About Collaboration Podcast with […]

9 AI Tools for Successful Marketing Funnels

Customer engagement has quickly become a widespread use for AI in the retail industry and beyond. With more customers expecting a hyper-personalized, real-time experience, the demand for AI technology in marketing has never been greater. It makes sense, then, that so many marketing AI tools and software are targeting the conversion funnel. From lead generation […]

3 Hot Takes: These Brands Make Content Marketing Look Like Kid Stuff

It’s a hot week for youth and youthful topics. Shopify launched a workbook for kidpreneurs. Zillow published a new real estate book for children (and their parents). And Trek devoted its catalog to inspiring stories about heroes on bikes. Shopify teaches the next generation Shopify wants to help young entrepreneurs learn how to launch a […]