Want To Really Win Over Your Audience? Be Their Accountability Partner

It happens every Jan. 1. People set goals for the new year – and most stop working to achieve them within a month. The same thing happens after webinars, conferences, how-to articles, goal-focused podcasts, or motivational videos. People feel inspired to do something. As with New Year’s resolutions, people get hyped up and may take […]

Top Trends For Marketing Agencies To Pay Attention To

About the show: The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of short-form interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today. Check out the new Spark Lab Consulting website here! About this episode: In this […]

How To Avoid Common Slip-ups With Your B2B Social Ad Creative [Examples]

Content marketers spend a lot of time developing content. But when it’s time to promote that carefully created content in social ads, they don’t have the same flourish. Relatively recent research shows B2B ad creative often misses the mark regarding quality and impact. The B2B Institute, a LinkedIn think tank, says although marketers carefully measure […]

How to Use Customer Segmentation to Improve the Performance of Your Marketing Campaigns

Your audience wants personalized marketing from your business. In fact, they expect it. According to research, 71 percent of customers expect businesses to send them personalized marketing messages, and 76 percent are disappointed when they receive generic communications instead. The challenge? If you don’t know your audience, you can’t send them personalized content. You don’t […]

How to Create an Effective Social Media Content Calendar

Are you striving for consistency with your social media marketing? A good social media content calendar could be the missing ingredient. Creating a social media calendar is a simple process, but it can have some impressive results. Here’s how to quickly set up your social media content calendar and start leveling up your performance. What […]

Do You Make These 4 Common Mistakes With Subject Matter Experts?

You don’t need content creators with deep vertical experience to develop a unique viewpoint that makes your brand compelling to target audiences. By collaborating with subject matter experts, creators can help transform decades of experience into powerful storytelling. But mistakes in the partnership can lead to poor content and reduce internal support for SME content […]