A NASA Spaceship Just Crashed Into An Asteroid. Here’s What Happened.

No, this is not the plot line of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. NASA just deliberately slammed a spacecraft, going 13,421 miles per hour, into an asteroid 6.8 million miles up in the sky (that’s 28 times the distance of the moon to the Earth). You can watch it all here. [embedded […]

Walmart and Target Are Hiring 140,000 Seasonal Workers

An employee wears a face mask while collecting shopping carts outside a Target store near Brighton, Colo. Target plans to pick up 100,000 seasonal employees for the holidays. David Zalubowski/AP Photo In holiday hiring news, Target and Walmart are planning to add a total of 140,000 temporary workers for the upcoming holiday shopping season. But […]

How to Start a HomeVestors Franchise in 2022

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What is the HomeVestors franchise opportunity? homevestorsfranchise.com The HomeVestors™ business began franchising in Dallas, Texas, in 1996, with a real estate entrepreneur named Ken D’Angelo. Ken had purchased many homes in prior years and decided to transform his home-buying business into a franchise. He named this new […]

Dear Penny: Is My Boyfriend Being a Jerk by Demanding I Pay His Mortgage?

Dear Penny, My boyfriend asked to move in together after eight months of dating. I was honored. Then after I didn’t renew my lease, we talked finances. I am aware the timing was poor.  He is expecting we split everything 50/50, which would mean me paying $500 per month more than I do now. He […]

How to Start a Huntington Learning Center Franchise in 2022

What is the Huntington Learning Center franchise story? huntingtonhelps.com Huntington Learning Center is the top-performing franchise in the tutoring industry. Founded in 1977 by Ray and Eileen Huntington, Huntington Learning Center offers individualized in-person and online tutoring programs for K-12 students nationwide. With approximately 300 locations across the United States, Huntington’s business model is based […]

How to Master Remote Work as an Employee or Business Owner

In 2022, remote work is almost a given. Many companies at least offer a hybrid plan that involves working from home and some days in the office. But, in 2010, the idea of working remotely — much less as an entire company — was rare, and that’s exactly where BELAY Solutions started. Based in Atlanta, […]

Diners Gripe About $110-A-Head Price Increases at Disney’s Victoria & Albert’s

You might need to pack a fat wallet around if you’re going for dinner at Victoria & Albert’s at Disney World in Florida. Orlando Sentinel / Contributor / Getty ImagesDisney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, where Victoria & Albert’s is located. After re-opening post-pandemic in July, the restaurant‘s cheapest option went from $185 to $295 […]

4 Ways You Could Be Benefiting From Interest Rate Hikes

It’s all over the news these days — interest rates continue to rise. Student loan borrowers with variable rates and borrowers with credit card debt will certainly feel the pinch. Potential homebuyers who waited through historically low interest rates to save for down payments now face interest rates of 7% on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, […]

You Don’t Need VC Funding to Grow Your Startup. Here’s How to Turn Customers Into Investors.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s not easy to grow from a beta or entry-level product into a mature enterprise solution when you lack funding, but it’s doable and all part of being an entrepreneur. Frankly, you may have no choice. Take my company for example. We grew early on through our […]

How the Freebie Alerts App Helps You Find $0 Items Nearby

Getting free stuff is amazing. Scoring free items from local listings on Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor and OfferUp can help you save tons of money — and that deal-finding adrenaline rush is hard to beat. But snagging those zero-dollar deals on community buy-sell pages is tough. Free items can get marked as sold in a matter […]