50 Ways to Make Money That You’ve Never Heard of

31. Do Online Transcription Carmen Mandato/The Penny Hoarder Those listening skills you honed by eavesdropping on your roommates’ conversations could finally pay off with a job in online transcription. Transcription jobs usually require an assessment test to gauge your typing speed and accuracy. Depending on the service, you could be listening to a car commercial […]

Dear Penny: Am I Cheap if I Refuse to Attend Co-Workers’ Birthday Lunches?

Dear Penny, I work in a relatively small local community service organization in a small building. We have a few co-workers, a manager and a director. On a few occasions, our manager has invited everyone to attend a birthday lunch for one of the three of us.  I love my co-workers, but I live for […]

3 Reasons Why Hostess Brands Could Be a Sweet Addition to Your Watchlist

TWNK stock has sound fundamentals and continues to grow market share  When I was first looking around for stocks to put on my watchlist, Hostess Brands (NYSE: TWNK) wasn’t one that came to mind. TWNK stock is up over 100% since the start of the pandemic. Most of that growth occurred in 2021. Since Hostess […]

How to Get Cheap or Free Internet with the Affordable Connectivity Program

Millions of Americans now qualify for discounted or free internet access thanks to an expanded federal program announced by the White House on Monday. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) grants up to $30 a month toward high-speed internet for qualifying households. Twenty of the nation’s largest internet providers are also offering plans of $30 or […]

MarketBeat Podcast: Barbell Strategy To Strengthen Your Portfolio

In this week’s episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate chats with David Wagner, Equity Analyst & Portfolio Manager at Aptus Capital Advisors. Dave discusses his barbell strategy to pair two seemingly disparate sectors for portfolio balance. MarketBeat.com – MarketBeat In this unprecedented market environment, with macro uncertainties causing intense selling, David is looking at the […]