How to Train Your Dog Yourself and Save Money

Getting a dog is an exciting addition to your life. Who wouldn’t want an energetic, adorable puppy zipping around the house? But adopting a dog comes with more responsibility than most realize. Outside of the obvious responsibilities like feeding, walking, and taking a canine to the vet, basic obedience training sessions are a must for […]

How Inflation Will Impact Your Holidays, and What You Can Do About It

Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, and host of two podcasts: Build For Tomorrow, a show about the changes that got us here, and how to thrive in a changing world; and Problem Solvers, about entrepreneurs solving unexpected problems in their business. He writes a newsletter about how to find opportunity […]

Can a Sex-Enhancement Product Score a $100K Deal in 60 Seconds?

On this week’s episode of Elevator Pitch, our panel of investors watches pitches on a wide range of industries, from sexual wellness to fashion, personal health and technology. While the products are diverse, one thing is the same: it is nerve-wracking to deliver a clear, informative pitch in just 60 seconds. Some use attention-grabbing gimmicks to start their […]

Dear Penny: Can I Refuse to Inherit My Mom’s Dump of a Property?

Dear Penny, My siblings and I are being bequeathed our family home in my mom’s will when she passes. My siblings currently live in apartments on the property. They are several years in arrears for rent they owe and do not maintain the property.  I have clearly stated for several years that I do not […]

Do You Qualify for Any of November’s Class-Action Settlements?

Are you eligible to claim some cash? Several class action lawsuit settlements — involving brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, DevaCurl, Honda and Coppertone — have claim deadlines in November. Read on to find out if you qualify. Cases are listed in order of deadlines to file, with the earliest dates being listed first. […]

Where ‘La Catrina’ came from and other curious facts about the Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexico. Since pre-Hispanic times, every November 1 and 2, Mexicans gather to honor their deceased . [embedded content] Historical and anthropological studies have confirmed that the celebrations dedicated to the dead not only share an ancient ceremonial practice in which the Catholic […]

When This 22-Year-Old Graduated From MIT, He Thought He’d Be a Software Engineer. Instead, He Launched a Company That’s Shaking Up the College-Admissions Game.

For decades now, the competition for spots at prestigious U.S. colleges has been fierce, and the odds are not in most applicants’ favor: In 2014, The New York Times reported that elite colleges reject up to 95% of the applications they receive. And according to recent reporting by AP News, the percentage of admitted students has […]

Dear Penny: Do I Get My Ex’s Lottery Money if We’re Still Legally Married?

Dear Penny, I left my husband in 1990. We were in a bitter custody battle for two years before I left. I was awarded sole custody. He had visitation rights, which he never used. Long story short, he never saw our children from the time I left him. He was on Social Security Disability, which […]

Digital Branding for Interior Designers

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Before 2020, maintaining a design business without an online presence wasn’t an easy task. With the pandemic, we’ve realized it’s impossible to grow without an organized approach to digital branding.  With the right strategy, digital branding can help you build your credibility and authority as an interior […]