Content Marketing

Content marketing services will help the following:

  • Create compelling content, establishing you as the leader in your industry
  • Gain credibility among your visitors, entertain them, and persuade them to buy
  • Build a strong list of leads and interact with them regularly via custom email campaigns
  • Reach out to credible industry blogs and websites to share relevant guest blog posts
  • Share more effective content that will resonate well with followers on social media

Without a schedule of high-quality content and a strategy to market it, your company risks losing its prospects’ attention to more engaging competitors.

A long-term content marketing schedule

We’ll plan out how to market and optimize high-quality content long-term that will provide you with the content you need to gain customer attention, maintain interest, and expand to reach new prospects.

Compelling, marketable content to build your credibility

We will ensure the content we create is high-quality, original, and optimized for today’s major search engines. We will also guide you in removing any outdated SEO attempts that may be hurting your search ranking viability. We will post regularly on high authority blogs within the industry to get notoriety around your business, while taking advantage of completely un-tapped audiences.

A list of leads that eagerly awaits your emails and responds to your promotions

Communicating with your prospects via email is a great opportunity to amplify their interest to do business with you over time. We’ll build your prospect list for you using emails, carefully balancing content between delivering value and making offers.

Working with Next Tier Marketing will allow your business to obtain the quality content and strategy it needs to overcome the challenges described above. If hired, we’ll break the project down into the following content creation services:

Development of a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy and Schedule

We’ll start by analyzing your current content marketing and SEO approach, including your website, blog, and email campaigns. Then, with your unique needs in mind, we’ll create a detailed, long-term schedule and strategy to give your prospects a stream of fresh, relevant content so you can gradually build authority in your niche. We will show you how to tie online content to your email marketing efforts for optimal results. We will also show you how to spur up engagement on social media around your posts, and repurpose the content from your blog across every social channel that is relevant to your vertical.

Email Marketing Campaign to Build a List of Prospects

We’ll craft a series of messages to send to your email subscribers. Each email we write will be designed to build your prospects’ trust and gradually persuade them to do business with you over time. We will ensure your email campaign includes high-quality content that draws the reader to your website and show how best to obtain contact information for qualified leads.

Ongoing Content Creation

We will move from the planning stage to putting your long-term content marketing strategy into action. Our writers will create top-quality content for you that will then be optimized and launched, according to your publishing schedule. Then, after we review and optimize each piece of new content, we’ll publish it on your website, on an authoritative industry website, or use it in an email campaign so you can engage customers and prospects.

Why Choose Next Tier Marketing?

Your company needs to establish itself as an authoritative voice in the industry in order to build long-term relationships with its customers, generate consistent revenue and allow for long-term growth. Next Tier Marketing’s content marketing experts create the relevant content you need to build those valuable relationships and they distribute, and optimize it strategically to make the most impact on your target audience.

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